Alexa App For Computer Download

Amazon has introduced powerful voice assistance known as Alexa. This amazing innovation allows the users to perform so many tasks just using the voice commands like setting up alarms, controlling the smart home device, streaming podcast and a lot more. Now you can install the Alexa app for computer and laptop. Alexa app is available for  Windows, MAC and the other devices also. With Alexa App for Computer, a user can manage so many day to day tasks without any hassle and enjoy the incredible experience of using the smart device.

Alexa app for computer works in a quite similar way as PC works in quite a similar way like smart speakers work. You can ask the Alexa about the weather forecast, ask her to control your Smart TV, Smart light, Play songs from the Amazon music and a lot more.

Alexa App Download for Windows

Following are the step by step instructions following which you can Download Alexa app for PC on the Windows platform. Make sure that you follow the guidelines very carefully to avoid the mistake in downloading the installation process:

  • Download the latest version of Alexa Application on the Windows computer from Microsoft. The latest Alexa application is compatible with all the Windows version introduced after Windows 7 ( including the windows 7).

  • After downloading the Alexa app on your Windows computer, you need to open the download folder and find the Alexa setup file.

  • Open the file and click on the ‘Run’ option to initiate the installation process.

  • Once you have successfully installed the Alexa app, restart your computer.

  • Now, go to the Windows start menu and click on the Alexa App.

  • Click on ‘Setup Amazon Alexa App’ to proceed further.

  •  You will see the terms and conditions page on your screen, tap to continue.

  • On the configure screen, there will be two options:

“Launch the app on Sign in to this computer”

  • Tap to finish the setup.

  • Now, in the login screen, you have to enter the Amazon Username and password to login to the Alexa App. If you do not have an account, create one now.

  • Once you have logged in successfully, you can pair the Alexa Echo device either it is Echo Look, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, and the other Echo devices.

Following these steps, you can complete Alexa app download for Windows PC without any hassle.

Alexa App download for MAC

To Download and Install the Alexa App for MAC, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download the Alexa App for MAC from the iTunes Store.

  • After downloading the application on your MAC device, open it and complete the installation.

  • To set up the Amazon Alexa App for the Echo devices, you have to select the same network on your MAC device to which your Echo device is connected.

  • Once you have completed the installation of Alexa app on the MAC device, you can log in to the Amazon account using the username and password. If you haven’t created the Amazon account yet, create one now. 

  • Start pairing your Alexa App with the smart device and enjoy the smart user experience.

  •  You can also adjust the setting through the application as per the preference.

So, these are the simple instructions you can follow for the Alexa app download on Windows or MAC download. The steps are very simple and easy to execute. But, if you still have a doubt, you can always contact the experts and seek their advice to troubleshoot the problem.