Alexa app for Mac OS

Amazon Alexa app is very popular among the people for the execution of a plenty of smart tasks. Some of the users already consider the Amazon Alexa app for Mac OS  better than Apple Siri. The application allows users to explore the smart Alexa world on the Mac OS device. Using the Alexa app, you can control the Amazon Echo device and the other smart home devices at your home.  Alexa app for Mac OS allows the users to perform many other smart tasks like enable skills, set alarms, adjust device settings and everything else you want to do just by using the voice commands.  In this post, we are sharing the simple guideline that will allow you to download and use the Alexa app on your Mac OS device. 

Alexa app is available for the Mac OS system. You can download the application on a Mac device just like you download it for your Smartphone.  The application allows you to manage the settings using the Alexa app. Once you download Alexa for Mac OS, you need to set it up on your Macbook. After setting up the application, you need to login using the Amazon login credentials. If you do not have the Amazon account, create the one now, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the Alexa services on your device. 

How to download the Alexa app for Mac OS?

  • To download the application, go to the Alexa app download web browser. 
  • Make sure that your Mac device is running on Operating system version 9 or higher. 
  • Once you are done with the application download, you need to follow the onscreen guidelines to complete its installation process. 
  • After installing the Alexa app for Mac os, login to the app using your Amazon username and password. 
  • Configure the Alexa app along with your other smart devices you want to connect to the application. 
  • Start to modify and customise the settings according to your application preferences. 

Unable to download the Alexa app for Mac OS? Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix the issue: 

  • If your Alexa app download process stucks in between, you need to check and make sure that your Mac device is compatible to download the application. Make sure you are working on the updated software. 
  • Check your web browser and clear all the cache memories, temporary files, and cookies from the browser. 
  • If your application is stuck on the white screen setup, you can perform the hard reset on your Echo device. 
  • If nothing helps you to figure out the problem, check the IP address you have assigned to the Alexa in router software. For this, you need to login to the router dashboard and then go to the setup tab. 
  • Choose the Land Setup option from the Submenu. 
  • Go to Network Address server settings and check the assigned IP address. 
  • If the IP address is fine, check if your Amazon Alexa app is displaying the offline status. 
  • If the application is offline, go to your wifi settings and uncheck the smart network switch option. 
  • If there is any proxy server or VPN in your network, disable them. 

This will help you to figure out the problem and after that you can use the Echo device with Alexa app download on Mac OS. 

Hopefully, these simple steps will allow you to download the Alexa app for Mac OS. If you are still unable to get the Amazon Alexa app for your Mac device, you can take the professional advice to figure out and fix the problem.