Alexa app says device is offline

While using the Alexa Dot services, your device may appear offline. There could be several reasons due to which your Alexa app says device is offline. The app version of have downloaded may need an upgrade, or you may not connect the Echo Dot device properly to the power supply. There could be a WiFi malfunction due to which you may see that the Alexa app says device is offline or you have placed your Echo device far away from the router. If you want to troubleshoot this problem, you need to follow certain steps that will help you to resolve the issues and let you continue using the Alexa services on your Echo Dot device without any hassle. 

My Alexa App says device is offline. What to do?

Whatever the reason is, there are certain simple troubleshooting guidelines that can help you to get back your Echo Dot and Alexa in synchronization. So, read the instructions mentioned below carefully and follow these guidelines in the order they are presented to troubleshooting the Echo Dot offline error. 

Check and make sure that Echo Device is Plugged In

Your Echo device cannot work without the power supply. Thus, you need to check the power outlet and verify if Echo Dot is getting the proper power supply or not, Make sure that you have turned on the button and plugged in Echo Dot device properly.  If your device is not working, try to plug it in some other electric outlet. Always use the original power adapter. 

Restart the Echo Device

This is a very simple troubleshooting solution that usually works for many devices. A simple restart sometimes fixes all the troubles. So, if Alexa Device Offline, you just need to restart the device and see if the problem is resolved. 

Move your Echo Dot Speaker Close to the Router

If your Echo Dot device is working fine and still showing the offline error, you need to check the internet connection. Poor internet connection could be the reason that your device is appearing offline. To fix this problem, you can move your device closer to the router to make sure no obstacles come in between. Moving the device closer will boost your  WiFi signals. 

Check the WiFi Connectivity

 If your WiFi is not working fine, you will see the Echo Dot offline error. Check the router and make sure that it is working fine which means the router must display the green light. If there is red light, then something is wrong with your router.  You can restart the router and modem to fix the problem. 

Update the Software version on Echo 

Although your Echo Dot device should update automatically, if this is not so, you need to check if the device requires updates and if so, you need to update it manually. 

Update the Alexa app on your Device

If the restart or relaunch of the application is not working for you, you need to update the Alexa app. Alexa app offline error also appears when your application is outdated. So, check if your Alexa needs an update and then update it to the latest software version available. Once you have updated the application, the problem will be resolved.

Hopefully, with these simple steps, you can fix the ‘Alexa app says device is offline’ problem on your device. If not so, you can try the uninstall and reinstallation of the application. But, in case the problem is still not resolved after the app re-installation, we suggest you contact the Alexa experts and take the professional advice to get this task done.