Alexa help app

Alexa is a smart personal voice assistant that operates with a series of Amazon Echo devices and many other smart devices. With this personal voice assistant, the user can perform daily tasks just by giving commands to Alexa.  Sometimes,  when the user gives any command to Alexa, she responds saying ‘ I am sorry, I didn’t quite get that’, or execute some other command that user not even asked for.  This situation can be very frustrating, thus users need to follow the Alexa Help App guidelines to fix the problem.  Troubleshooting the Alexa issues is not a difficult process.  Even if you do not have the technical background, you can easily fix the problem on your Alexa device with simple guidelines. In this post,  we are going to share some simple Alexa Help App guidelines that can help you to deal with the common Alexa issues. So, let’s proceed further to troubleshoot the Alexa issues.

Common Alexa problems and troubleshooting solutions

Alexa not responding

This situation arises when the user gives voice command to their Alexa but she does not respond back to the command.  It is likely one of the common issues with Alexa. To troubleshoot the problem, you can follow the steps below:

  • Check the Microphone Button.
  • Restart your Alexa device.
  • Hard Reset Alexa device.
  • Disable and Enable the privacy on Alexa.

Alexa Playing music on the wrong device

The other most common issue with Alexa is that when you ask her to play music in one room, she may play it in another room.  This problem usually occurs when you have not correctly grouped your Alexa devices together.  To troubleshoot the problem you need to ungroup offending devices and then group them all again.

Streaming problem with Alexa

The most common reason behind the streaming issue with  Alexa device is low bandwidth or broker internet connection.  Following Alexa troubleshooting guidelines can help you to fix the issue:

  • Turn off the unused devices from your Wi-Fi network.
  •  Move your Alexa device closer to the router.
  • Keep the device away from walls, metal objects.
  • Turn off the router and modem.  Restart both the devices after a few seconds.
  • Turn off your Alexa device and restart it.

You can also visit the help section in Alexa app to deal with this problem.

Alexa device is not connected to the Wi-Fi

If your Alexa device is not connecting to the Wi-Fi then there could be a router issue or Wi-Fi problem due to which wireless signals are being blocked.  Here are some simple steps to fix the issue:

  • Restart your Alexa device and network hardware.
  • Re-enter your Wi-Fi password to connect.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi congestion.
  • Contact the network administrator

So, these are the simple Alexa app help guidelines that can help you to deal with the common Alexa issues that may appear on your device.  Although,  the guidelines are very simple and surely help you to troubleshoot the problem.  If you are still facing trouble with your Alexa,  we recommend you to visit the help section in Alexa app or get in touch with me Alexa experts to fix the problem Also, do not forget to update the  Alexa app time to time to have a hassle-free experience of using smart services with your Alexa device.