Alexa is having trouble connecting to the internet

Amazon Alexa is an amazing device and worth to use, but only when it is connected to the network.  Many users complain that their Alexa is having trouble connecting to the internet. Well!  This is a very common problem to occur with Amazon Alexa.  Without working network connection,  your Amazon Alexa won’t be able to speak or process your voice commands,  or stream media.  Fortunately, if your Alexa is having trouble connecting to the internet, you can troubleshoot this problem by following some simple steps.  In this guide, we are going to share some simple troubleshooting guidelines that will help you troubleshoot the problem.

Why won’t my echo connect to my WiFi?

There could be a  number of possible reasons for this problem, you can check the following points to find and fix the error:

  • Investigate the status of your Amazon Echo device using the light ring. The orange or violet shows the Wi-Fi connectivity problem.
  • If your Wi-Fi network connection is secured, double-check the password you set for your Amazon Echo device.
  • Restart your router and Echo device and try to connect it to the Wi-Fi again. Prefer to avoid public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Move your Echo device closer to the router to make sure that it is present in the optimum range.
  • If available,  connect your Amazon Alexa device to the 5GHz Wi-Fi network range for better wireless connectivity.

Update the Wi-Fi password

Entering the wrong password could be the possible reason due to which your  Echo Device Is Having Wi-Fi Issues problems occur. You can update the password for your Echo account. For that, open the  Alexa settings in the application and click on the ‘Change’ printed next to your Wi-Fi. Now follow the on-screen guidelines to set up your Wi-Fi connection.

Delete the saved password in Amazon account

To make it easy for you to switch between your Alexa devices, Amazon remember your Wi-Fi password. If your device is having the connectivity issues, you need to delete the password from the Amazon account, and run the Wi-Fi setup on your Alexa app again (using the change Wi-fi option). Here are the steps to follow:

  • To delete the saved password from your account, open the Amazon website.
  • Click on the ‘manage your content and devices’ option under your name.
  • Click on the ‘preferences’ present at the top.
  • Under ‘preferences’, click on the ‘small down arrow’ present next to the saved wifi password. After that, click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Update the Amazon Alexa app

Astonishingly,  your Amazon Alexa application could also be the reason behind the Wi-Fi connection disruption on the Alexa device.  Updating the Alexa app can help you to fix the Wi-Fi issue. Therefore,  update the Amazon Alexa app.

  • To update the application, you can visit the supported App Store on your device and update it from there.
  • You can also use the link for an app update. 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully,  with the help of the above simple guidelines,  you would able to troubleshoot Alexa is having trouble connecting to the internet problem on your device.  If you are tired of all the mentioned solutions and still unable to fix the problem, we recommend you contact the experts and take their advice to find and fix the issue.