Alexa Not Working on Firestick

The Firestick comes with the native voice control feature known as Alexa. Users often complain that their Alexa not working on Firestick.  If you are also facing the same trouble with your device, this post can help you.  Here,  we are going to share the step by step instructions that can help you to fix Alexa Not Working on Firestick. So, read on and follow the simple steps to get rid of this issue. 

Alexa Not Working With FireStick. What To Do?

It is disappointing when your firestick stops working with Alexa.  You may want to watch your favorite series or enjoy watching a movie with your family or may need a break from the show, but you suddenly notice that your Firestick is not working with Alexa.  Here is how you can fix this problem. 

The post below is highlighting all the possible reasons behind Alexa not working with Firestick along with their troubleshooting solution. So, if your Alexa is not working, follow the guidelines below and troubleshoot the issue.

Make sure that you connect the FireStick and Alexa properly

Most of the time, the problem is with the connectivity. Thus, you need to make sure that you have connected the Alexa to Firestick in a proper manner. You need to download the Alexa app for this. Also, enter the correct Amazon account details when you log in. Incorrect information could also be the reason that you may not be able to connect the Alexa with your Firestick device. Also,  your fire TV and Alexa app need to be on the same Wireless network for establishing a successful connection.  Make sure that your Firestick and Alexa are using the same Amazon account.

Check the Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connectivity could also be the reason that your Alexa is not responding to the voice commands. Make sure that your app and application is properly connected to the network.  You can try connecting some other device to the network to make sure that your internet is working fine. However, if there is something wrong with internet connectivity, you can reset the router and modem to fix the issue. After that, you can log in again using the default WiFi username and password.

Update the Alexa App

Sometimes the older software version does not allow Alexa to detect the Firestick. Thus, you need to make sure that your Alexa app is up to date.  We will suggest you check the updates for your application from the supported App Store on your Android or iOS device. If you find the new update available for your Alexa, install it immediately on your device.

Firestick is a great source of entertainment for users. You can connect Alexa to Firestick and enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies, and other entertainment stuff you want. However, issues like Alexa not working on Firestick are quite common to occur, but it could be fixed with some simple steps that we have mentioned in this post. Hopefully,  these simple guidelines will help you to troubleshoot Alexa not working with the firestick problem on your device. The mentioned steps are simple and easy to follow. But, if you are still unable to connect the Alexa to Firestick, or there is any other query related to the problem, you can most welcome to contact the Alexa experts anytime you want. The experts can give you the best advice to fix this problem and make sure that you have the best experience of using Alexa with Firestick for seamless entertainment services.