Alexa Not Working on Firestick

For some of the users, the process of connecting Firestick to Alexa is not a straight forward.  Many times, the user comes with a complaint ‘Alexa Not Working on Firestick’ which hampers the smart Alexa experience of the user. The FireTV may not show up in the application or text comes to greet you with a message ‘Sorry we could not find any device to link’.  If you are also facing the Alexa Not Working on Firestick problem, this post can help you. Here, we are sharing the easy steps and guidelines that can easily troubleshoot the problem and you continue to enjoy the smart experience with Alexa. 

FireStick Alexa Not Working: Troubleshooting Steps To Follow

Make sure that you have lined the Fire TV Stick and Alexa app properly. You can verify it by following the steps below: 

  • Turn on your TV with Firestick plugged in. If you are using it for the first time, you need to complete the WiFi setup for it. If you have already completed the setup, it will get connected automatically to the registered WiFi network. 
  • Open the Alexa app and tap on the Menu icon. 
  • Go to the Settings. 
  • Now, tap on the ‘Tv and Video’ followed by the Firestick TV. 
  • Your Fire TV name must appear. Now, you just need to tap on it to connect. 

Turn Alexa  Off and Off

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps, but unable to fix  FireStick Alexa Not Working problem, reboot your smartphone in which you have downloaded the Alexa app and your Fire TV. If nothing works, you can also restart the router to fix the problem. 

Tip: You need to press and hold the ‘Play’ and ‘Select’ button present on the Fire TV remote to restart your Fire TV. 

Use the Same Amazon Account

Your Alexa App and Fire TV must be connected to the same Wireless network and Amazon account to work hassle-free. If your Fire TV is not working on the same Amazon account to which your Alexa app is connected, it will not show in the application.

Update Alexa App and Fire TV

Sometimes, the outdated or corrupted software version is the reason that your Alexa Not Working on Firestick. So, make sure that your Alexa app is up to date. You can visit the supported play store on your smartphone and update the Alexa app. Also, update the version of your Fire TV software. For this, you can navigate to the ‘My FireTV’ and choose ABout. After that, click on the ‘Check for the System Update’ option.

We hope that after following these simple and easy step, you would able to troubleshoot the Alexa Not Working on Firestick problem on your device. All the mentioned troubleshooting steps are easy to follow and shares effective results. But, if you are unable to troubleshoot the problem, we recommend you to contact the Alexa experts and seek the professional advice to troubleshoot the problem.  The experts will share the best possible solution to your problem to fix the issue and make sure that you have the best Alexa and Firestick experience.