Alexa smart plug setup

Smart plug allow the users to ditch their regular home appliances and make them smarter for better life experience, all that user needs is to complete the Alexa Smart Plug Setup.  Yes! You can manage and control your smart home appliances using the smarty plug. The devices are synchronized with Amazon Echo. In the post, we are going to share the simple guidelines that can help to complete the Alexa Smart Plug Setup for your device. 

What is Smart Plug and What It Can Do?

 Smart Plug is basically a device which you can plug-in to the power outlet. It allows the users to control any device that they might plug into their smartphone or Echo device. If you want to plug a lamp into the smart plug, you can tell lamp to turn off using the voice commands. You can even schedule your coffee maker to turn on before your morning begins.

You can set up Alexa smart plug to turn on and off the home appliances, even when you are outside the home. The smart plug can help you to reduce youtr electricity bill if you schedule the devices to be turned off at set times.

How to connect the smart plug to Alexa?

You can connect the smart plug to your Amazon Alexa device and ask the Alexa to control the home appliances. Following are the step by step instructions to connect the smart plug to Alexa. So, let’s proceed further and follow the guidelines: 

  • Plugin the Smart Plug to the Power Outlet. 
  • Download the application which matches your smart plug. You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play store by searching by the name.
  •  Now, you can proceed with the Alexa smart plug setup. Most of the applications will ask you for creating an account using the username and password. After that, find the devices in the application and follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the setup process. 
  • Once you have set up the smart plugin the application, you need to set up it with your Alexa for controlling the voice commands and creating the routine with Alexa application/ 
  • Launch the Alexa application. 
  • Tap on Alexa app menu. You can find this icon with three horizontal bar on the top-left side of the screen. 
  • Choose ‘Skills and Games’. 
  • Tap on the “Magnifying Glass” to search for the smart plug Skill’. You can search for the name of your device or company name. 
  • Once you have identified the right skills, you can tap on the “Enable To Use”. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for setting up the smart plug.  You might be required  to perform the additional step for enabling the smart plug application. Follow the instructions for Alexa smart plug setup for your device.
  • The setup process will be completed when you see the smart plug “ is set up and ready “, in the application. 

Once you have connected the Smart Plug to Amazon Alexa device, you can start controlling the smart devices with Alexa. We hope that these steps will help you to complete the Alexa smart plug setup for your device. The given guidelines are very simple and easy to follow, but if you still have a doubt or you are unable to complete the setup process on your device, you can contact the Alexa experts and seek the professional’s assistance to the complete the process.  The expert will give you the best advice and make sure that you have the best experience with Alexa.