Alexa there was an error registering your device

Amazon Alexa is the most preferred choice of the customers when it comes to smart services. Although, it is easy to register the Echo Alexa device, sometimes user encounter ‘ Alexa there was an error registering your device’ problem with their device. This is a very common issue faced by many users. But, there is no need to worry as with some simple steps you can easily fix ‘Alexa there was an error registering your device’ on your device. So, let’s proceed further and read this guide to troubleshoot the problem. 

When You Encounter Alexa Registration Error?

The “Alexa error registering device” problem usually occurs when: 

  • The user is trying to run or execute the Echo Setup process. 
  • You are trying to register the Amazon Alexa device. 

You may also face this problem in situations like:

  • You have received the Echo device as a gift. It creates an issue while setting up or registering the device. 
  • You may encounter this problem on the Used/Refurbished Amazon Echo device. 
  • The Echo device may show this error while trying to registering the device. 
  • You may encounter this issue in the application after you reset the Echo device. 

Troubleshoot “Alexa error registering device” Problems:

You can easily fix the ‘ Alexa there was an error registering your device’ error on your device by following the mentioned troubleshooting steps: 

  • If you have received the device as a gift, then ask the person who gifted you the device to log in to their Amazon account and complete the deregistration process. 
  • After the successful sign-out, you can reset the Echo device. 

In case you are planning to gift your Amazon Echo device to someone else, then you need to be sure that you have put a check on the box ‘It’s a gift’ in the Amazon cart. Just update the ordered gift setting from your Alexa account. 

Choose, ‘It’s gift’ option under the “Account>>Orders>>Select Product>>Product Detail Page. 

If your device is delivered and you forgot to check the ‘It’s a gift’ option, all you need is to deregister your device from the Amazon account.

Other troubleshooting steps to consider: 

  • Make sure that you use the same email ID for the setup and registration that you have used for purchasing the Echo device from Amazon’s official site. 
  • Follow the basic troubleshooting steps like hard reset, Fresh installation of the Alexa app, Modern Restart as it helps to fix the problem many times. 
  • Server down error could also be the reason that you encounter the “Alexa error registering device’ problem. So, you can try to register the device after some time. 

So, these are the simple steps that can help you to deal with the “Alexa error registering device” problem on your Echo device. The mentioned guidelines are quite simple and easy to follow, but if you are still unable to troubleshoot the problem, we recommend you to contact the Echo experts and take the professional assistance to fix the problem. The professionals can help you to identify the root cause and give you the best advice to fix this problem.