Alexa App is a wonderful innovation ever introduced. This application is very popular among those people who love to manage their day-to-day tasks through the voice commands.  Alexa the amazing skill sets of Alexa delivers out of the box performance, but from time to time Alexa Troubleshooting is also important to keep the device error-free. Just like the other man-made applications, Alexa has also a room of error. To fix those problems, Alexa Troubleshooting is necessary. In this guide, we are going to discuss the basic troubleshooting steps that can help you to fix the Alexa issues without any hassle.

 Alexa Troubleshooting Tips:

App not workingCompatibility issues between your Alexa device and application are one of the major concerns behind Alexa not working problem. Thus, we will recommend you to check the device and app compatibility.

Amazon Devices 

 Amazon devices must posses of ‘Fire OS 3.0 or higher. 

Android Devices 

 The Android devices must be running on operating system 5.0 or higher.

Apple Devices

 Apple devices run on iOS version and it must be 9.0 or higher, 


 If you are using the tablet then try the following tips for Alexa Troubleshooting.

  • Forcefully close the Alexa app and if you are unable to do so, restart the device. 
  • Reboot the device to bring the app back to its working condition. 
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. 
  • Close all the app instances before you reinstall the app on your device. 
  • Check and make sure that your app meets the minimum operating system requirements.

 On a Web Browser 

If you are unable to open the Alexa App on a web browser, try following Alexa Troubleshooting tips to fix the problem:

  • Check and make sure that your web browser is compatible for hosting the Amazon web page.
  • If it is not compatible, open a web browser which is capable to host the page.
  •  Try to reload the page and also clear the cookies and cache before trying this. 
  • Check the firewall and web browser settings.
  • If nothing works, try restarting your computer.

Bluetooth issues

There are a number of factors responsible for establishing a successful Bluetooth connection between the Alexa app and device. 

  • If your Alexa is not responding, try Bluetooth connection. It must be compatible and you can check it on the Alexa app. 
  • Alexa supports the two types of Bluetooth profiles and that is AVRCP and A2DP SNK. 
  • If your device does not support any of the aforementioned Bluetooth profiles then there could some error. 
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth device is properly connected to the power source. 
  • Check and make sure that the batteries are operational. 
  • The pairing should be effective and if it is not, pair the device and app again.

With the help of the aforementioned Alexa Troubleshooting steps, you will be able to fix the Alexa App and device issues.  But, if your problem is not listed in the points mentioned above, you can also avail the Alexa Troubleshooting services and seek the expert advice to fix the problems.