Alexa Web App

Alexa is one of the most promising innovations ever introduced by on.  A user can connect the web app to their Amazon Echo device and start using the smart services offered  by the Alexa. So, get the app and have the personalized experience of using smart services. Not only the Echo, but the user can also connect the Alexa app to the other smart devices at their home and control them with voice commands. You can download the Alexa web app by visiting the In this post, we are going to share the simple step by step guidelines that can help you to get the Alexa web app for your device. 

Connect Alexa app to Amazon Echo Device:

After you download Alexa web app, you can complete the Echo Setup for your device. Setting up the device is very important if you want to use the Alexa smart service. 

  • To download the web app, you can simply visit the and download the application for your computer or smartphone device. 
  • When you visit the Alexa official website to download the app, you can simply click on the ‘Alex app for PC’ or Alexa app for Android for your device.
  • Once you download the app, follow the onscreen steps, and complete the installation steps. 
  • On your Alexa app, you need to log in using the Amazon account credentials to connect your Echo device. Amazon account username and password are very important to log in, so if do not have the Amazon account, you need to create the one now for using the Alexa services. 

There are also browser versions available for the Alexa app for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. If you want to use the app through the internet browser, you can do it easily. 

In case, you do not remember your account username and password, you can simply visit the free app download. Tap on the ‘forgot password’ option. Once, you receive an email on the registered email account, you can reset the credentials. 

Search for the Echo Devices

  •  Once you have created an account on Alexa web app, you need to login for using the Alexa service. 
  • Turn on your Amazon Alexa device and wait till the initialization process gets completed.
  • Now, go to the ‘’Settings” on your application and click on the ‘Device list’. 
  • Click ‘add a new device’ option and the application will start looking for the nearby available compatible device. 
  • Once you see your device showing on the screen, you need to connect it through the Alexa web application. 

Command Alexa

 Once the device is connected to the internet, you can give commands to the Alexa using the wake word, By default, the wake word is ‘Alexa’, but you can change the wake word if you want from the settings page on Alexa web app. Alexa works only when you say the wake word, so make sure you use the wake word before your command for Alexa to respond to your commands.

Amazon Alexa app is an amazing device to have a smart life experience. Using the Alexa web app, you can listen to the songs, play music, control smart home devices, check the weather report, and do a lot more other stuff. So, follow these simple guidelines to download the Alexa we app for your Alexa device. The mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow, but if you have a doubt or if there is any other issue, you can always contact the experts and take professional advice to get your task done.