Connect Echo Spot to WiFi

Like any other Alexa enabled device, you can also connect Echo Spot to your smart home devices, read the text, manage shopping, stream audiobooks, and videos, and do a lot more other stuff. All you have to do is to Connect Echo Spot to WiFi and complete the setup process. Echo Spot device comes with the built-in camera and screen that enabled uses to watch videos or online content. So, if you want to take benefits of all the smart services offered by Amazon Echo Spot, then Connect Echo Spot to  WiFi and complete its setup process. 

Echo Dot WiFi Setup: Guidelines To Follow

Before you begin to call, listen, or connect your smart home device, you need to get your Echo Spot device up and running. Here are the step by step guidelines to do so: 

Turn on Echo Spot

Plug-in your Echo Spot device to the power using the including power adapter. After plugging in, the Echo Spotlight will light up with the Alexa and Amazon logo to greet you. 

Choose your Language

On your Echo Spot screen, you will see a prompt to choose a language. Option included; English ( UK, US, Canada, India, and Australia) or German.  Alexa can also understand and speak Japanese, but not in the USA. 

Connect to WiFi

Now, you will be prompted to Connect Echo Spot to WiFi network. If the prompt is not appearing, swipe down from the screen’s top and choose the ‘Settings’ gear.

Sign in the Amazon Account

The Echo Spot device will ask you to log in to the Amazon account. In case, you do not have an Amazon account, you can create the one now.  Amazon account is very important for using the Echo Dot services, without Amazon account you can not log in to the Alexa app.

Confirm the Time Zone

Your Echo Spot device will show you the time zone that it things you are. If the provided details are correct, choose the right-facing arrow to proceed next. 

Choose the Device name

Name your Echo device, you can use the built-in keyboard for this. 

Download the Alexa app

 You need to download the Alexa app to complete the Echo Spot WiFi setup. It allows us to customize the settings on your Echo Spot. You can download the application from the app store. 

Customize the Echo Spot

Once you are in the app, hit the “Menu” button in the top-left corner and choose the Alexa device If you customize the location of the device, wake word, language, background, sounds, and more. If you want, you can turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature and disable the notifications.

You can also use the Alexa app to connect your smart home device to your Amazon account. After that, you will be able to use your Echo device to turn on the bulbs, make a coffee, turn on the TV and do a lot more other stuff. 

Setup the Drop-In Feature

Drop-in allows your friends and family members to get your unsolicited. You can keep checkups on your kids, roommates, and family members. In the Alexa application, you can ‘enable and disable’ drop-in feature. Choose the menu icon, go to Settings, name the ‘Echo Spot and Communications’.

So, these are the simple steps that can help you to complete the Echo Spot Setup for your device. All the provided instructions are very simple and easy to execute, but if you still have a doubt or there is any other query, you can contact the experts and seek professional assistance to get the task done.