Download Alexa Application

Amazon Alexa is one of the best virtual voice assistant available for the users.  If you want to download Alexa application on your Windows 10 computer, you can follow the given steps and set up your Alexa device.  Alexa allows you to control the multiple tasks just with the voice command.  You can command  Alexa to play your favourite music,  set an alarm, order food,  and do a lot more other stuff.  Alexa allows users to control the different smart device by being a smart home automation system.  In this post, we are going to share the simple step by step instructions that can help you to download  Alexa application for your Windows 10 device.   Let’s proceed further and learn more. 

Download Alexa App For Windows 10

 Before you proceed with the downloading process,  we would like to inform you about the skill section in your Alexa application.  There are different skill category present in the application.  You can find sections like travel and transportation, Smart home, food and drink, music and audio, and a lot more.  Below we are sharing the list common functions you can use with Alexa application. 

You can use Alexa:

  • To ask the web questions.
  • Play audiobooks.
  •  To get weather cast report and news update.
  • Stream podcast in music.
  •  Make a call to the contacts in your smartphone device.
  •  Play lullaby, ambient songs, or sleep music. 
  •  Control Smart home devices with a voice command.   For example;  connected cars, smart bulbs connected thermostat and so on.
  •  Set timers and alarms.
  • Prepare a grocery list and a lot more.

So these are the most common things that you can do with Alexa app using the voice commands.  The application is available for free to use which means you do not need to pay any monthly charges for the application.  However,  if you want to buy any subscription,  you may need to pay the charges for that.

Now let’s proceed further and learn how to download Alexa application for Windows 10.  Follow the step-by-step guidelines mentioned and you will able to install the Alexa Application on your device. 

Download Alexa App for Windows 10: Microsoft Store

  • Go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 computer and search for the Alexa app.
  •  Click on the Alexa app and allow the download to be completed.
  •   Once you have successfully downloaded application on your computer,  click to launch.  This will begin the installation process to install the app on your device.
  •  Once the application installation gets completed, restart your computer.
  •  Get back to the Windows 10 start menu and run your Alexa application.
  •  After this, you have to click on set up Amazon Alexa.
  •  Tap on continue on terms and conditions page and complete the downloading process.

Once you have completed the download in an installation, you can open the application and log in to it using your Amazon account credentials.  It is very important to have Amazon account for using the Alexa services.  If you do not have the Amazon account you need to create the one now to use Alexa app. 

We hope that with the help of the simple guidelines you would able to download Echo app for the Windows 10 device.  With the successful execution of every step, you will get closer to complete the Alexa after installation,  all you have to do is to follow each and every instruction carefully to avoid any kind of technical trouble.  However,  if you find the downloading process is difficult to complete or there is any other query related to the Alexa application download, we suggest you contact our experts and seek the professional advice to get the task done.  The experts can give you the best possible solution to your problem and also make sure that nothing compromises your Alexa experience.