Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup

The Echo Dot Third Generation Smart Speakers are one of the best smart speakers available for the users in the market.  These speakers support the astounding features and share incredible user experiences. The speaker can easily receive multiple commands from different directions and deliver the desired outcomes.  Thus, working with Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup could be your one of the best experiences till date.  Right after the launch, so many updates have been introduced in the Echo Dot third generation. In this guide, we are going to discuss the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation setup process and the incredible features supported by these smart speakers.

Features Supported by Alexa app for echo dot 3rd generation

Now the Alexa app for Echo Dot 3rd generation comes with so many advanced features like peculiar design and amazing sound quality. With cloud-based service access, the Echo Dot app has so many amazing things to offer the customer such as worldwide music, weather forecast, home application control through voice commands and a lot more. Using the Echo Dot speakers you can stream any kind music just through the voice instructions of artists, song name, and genre.

You can make a call to your friend any time after the setting up the Alexa app for Echo dot 3rd generation, just by saying the desired name present in your contact list.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Setup

  • Start with downloading the Alexa app for Echo Dot 3rd generation from the support app store on your smart device.

  • You can use the Alexa app for device setup and controlling along with many more mind-blowing options.

  • You can also download it from the

  • Turn on your Echo Dot device by connecting the power adapter to your device.

  • Make sure that you maintain the distance from the instructions and wall surround your device to assure its better performance.

  • In the meantime, your Echo Dot speaker will first turn blue and when the light orange, it means the speaker is greeting the customer.

  • Now, you have to connect the third-generation device to the internet.

  • In your Alexa app, open the main menu and select the settings.

  • In the settings, click the ‘Network’ option and connect to your network.

  • Select the network from the available list.

  • Now, your speaker is ready for interpreting the voice commands.

  • Use the ‘Wake Word’ to turn on the speaker. If you want, you can change the wake work using the Alexa app you downloaded.

With these simple steps, you can complete the Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup without any hassle.  If you need more assistance, you can visit the Amazon official website or contact the experts for help.