Echo Dot Setup Windows 10

Amazon is worldwide popular for introducing innovative and unique devices for gadget freaks. This time the Amazon has banged the market with its amazing creation which is a beautiful combination of the latest technology and Artificial Intelligence. Yes! We are talking about the Echo Dot Setup. Echo Dot is nothing speaker comes voice assistant that is capable to perform a number of smart functions. One can complete the Echo Dot Setup to execute different day to day tasks like setting-up alarms, controlling smart home devices and a lot more. Echo Dot can also update you about the weather forecast, latest news, play your favorite music and can be your perfect partner for the entertainment. 

There are a lot more features you can access but before that, you need to complete setup the Echo Dot device in the right way. Following are the Amazon Echo Dot setup instructions that will allow you to use the Echo dot device to perform the various tasks.

Echo Dot Setup and Configuration: Steps to Follow

  • Unbox your Echo Dot device and place it somewhere as per the convenience.

  • Plug in the Echo Dot to the power board and it is all set to use.

  • Download Alexa app on the PC to complete the Echo Dot setup.

  • Open the app and give any voice command. The Alexa will follow your instructions.

  • Alexa is supposed to detect the Echo Dot device, thus make sure that you have properly connected to the device.

  • Connect Echo Dot to Wifi and if there is any problem, troubleshoot it immediately.

  • Once the device is connected, you can give the voice commands to the device.

Connect the Echo Dot to WiFi

Users often face the issues while connecting the Echo Dot to WiFi. This problem can be sorted with the given steps:

  • Try to make a connection by entering the password.

  • Identify the issues, if any exists with your WiFi network.

  • By default, WIFi uses WPA or WPA 2  due to security reasons. If you have changed the password, you need to enter it again.

  • Reset the Echo Dot to make sure that the problem is resolved.

Steps to register the Echo Dot to Amazon Account:

  • Log in to the Alexa App using Amazon login details.

  • Hit the Action button from Echo Dot device. The light will turn into the orange.

  • Go to Menu>> Alexa Device.

  • Select the Echo Dot Device that you wants to register.

  • Wait for a while and your Echo Dot device will appear in the Alexa App menu.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to complete the Echo Dot app setup. So, make sure that you follow all the instructions very carefully. Also, without an Amazon account, you cannot complete the setup process. So, make sure that you have Amazon login credential. If you do not have an Amazon account, create one now.

You can connect the smart home devices to the Echo Dot by using the Bluetooth connection. Just make sure that you complete the Echo Dot Setup successfully as only after that you will be able to perform different functions through voice input.