Echo Dot speaker not working

You expect your Echo Dot device to execute every command you give without any hassle. But, sometimes, Echo Dot  Speaker Not Working problems create troubles for the users and hamper their experience.  Your Echo Dot may respond to your voice command saying that ‘I am sorry, I didn’t quite set that’ or may execute the different command than you asked for.  These kinds of problems could be very frustrating, but most of time they can be fixed. So, if your Echo Dot Speaker Not Working, read this post and find the simple steps to troubleshoot the problem. 

Check The Echo Light Rings

Echo Dot won’t respond to any voice command unless you call it with the Wake Word ( Alexa, AMazon. Echo, and Computer). But, sometimes, the light ring starts to blink when you not even using the speaker. In this situation, coloured light could be an alternative that Echo Dot Speaker Not Working. Here are some of the colours that may see if there is something wrong with your device. 

Spinning Violet This light ring indicates that there is something wrong with the WiFi Setup. So, check your WiFi connection and make sure that everything is working fine. If your WiFi is not working, you can reset the router to fix the problem. 

Spinning Orange: This means your device is connecting to the WiFi network. You can wait for a while and let it connect. Else, you need to check the router and make sure everything is working fine. 

Solid Red:  This light indicates that you have turned off the Microphone and Alexa  is not working or actively responding to your voice command.  You need to turn on the Microphone. To do this, just push the Microphone button on the device. 

The light ring also tells when someone is calling you, speaker volume, or when your Amazon order is out for the delivery. 

Fix Connectivity Issues

If your Echo dot device keep disconnecting from the network, you need to fix the problem. For this, you need to start with the ‘Power Cycle Everything’, this includes the modem, router, and Echo Dot speaker. Also, mover your Echo Dot away from the other devices. Make sure that your router and Echo device are present in close range. You can also switch the Echo Dot to 5GHz channel for decreasing the interference.

Reset Echo Dot 

If nothing helps you out, we recommend you to reset the Echo Dot device to its factory defaults. For this, you can refer to the device manual. Factory reset will remove all the previously stored settings and fix your ‘Alexa is not working’ issue on your device.  The reset will delete all everything in Echo Dot, so make sure you take the backup.

Hopeful, these simple steps will troubleshoot the Echo Dot not working problem on your device. But, if the problem still exists, we suggest you get in touch with the Echo experts team and take their advice for the best troubleshooting solution for Echo Dot problem.