Troubleshooting Alexa Dot Common Problems

Alexa Echo is very popular among the customers for the smart services it offers.  With Amazon Echo Dot , a user can enjoy unlimited access to the latest music along with other features like controlling the smart home devices, managing to-do list, book a cab, order food and a lot more. However, there are certain problems that may occur from time to time and are easy to resolve with Echo Dot Troubleshooting. In this guide, we are going to discuss the most common problems associated with Echo Dot devices and some simple steps that can help in Echo Dot troubleshooting to fix those issues. So, read all the guidelines carefully and get rid of all the issues.

Wifi Connectivity issues

  • The wifi connectivity in Echo Dot device is indicated by the power LED present on the device. White LED  means the user has a strong and stable connection and orange LED means no network connectivity.

  • If you are experiencing the network connectivity issue, reboot the Echo dot device to fix the problem. If this does not help you out, then try putting or device at some other place as the other device might be interfering with your network signals.

Echo Alexa Not Understanding Your Commands

Your device may respond to you back saying ‘ I am sorry, I do not understand the question’ whenever you give her a command and this could be very annoying.   You can use the voice training tool to troubleshoot alexa dot.

  • Go to the Settings menu and choose Voice training in your Echo app, here, you will be asked to speak 25 pre-chosen phrases which will help Alexa to learn your Lexicon.

  • Check what Echo has actually heard , you can go to the history section where Echo Alexa keeps the record of everything you have said here. Identify the common misheard phrases and try to express them in a more clear manner. 

  • Keep your Echo Dot away from the noisy appliances like stereo, AC, Dishwasher and more. It is also recommended to keep Alexa 8 inches away from windows and walls.

Unable to connect Echo Dot to Bluetooth Devices

  • Your Echo Alexa device supports the Advanced Audio Distribution profile and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile to make sure that the device you are trying to connect matches up. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is fully charged and working.

  • If there is still trouble, you can try unpairing and repairing the device. Open the Alexa app and go to the Settings. Now, tap on Echo Dot device choose Bluetooth option and clear all the paired devices.

  • To repair your device, say Pair. Go to the Bluetooth settings to pair the devices. Alexa will confirm the connection.

So, these are some most common problems with Echo Dot devices which you can fix by following some simple amazon Echo Dot troubleshooting steps. If your problem is not mentioned above, contact the Echo experts and seek their guidance to fix and fix the problem.