Echo Dot 3rd Gen won’t display Orange Ring

If you have an Amazon Echo Dot device, you might be familiar with the Echo Ring light present at the top. Usually, the Ring light is blue when you turn on the device and then turn to orange which means your device is entering the setup mode. If your Echo Dot won’t turn orange, you cannot set up the device. This is a very common concern of people trying to set up the Echo dot device and use smart services. If your Echo Dot won’t turn orange, this guide can help you. Here, we are going to share the simple step by step instructions that can help you to deal with the concern. So, read the post and follow the instructions to fix the ring light issue. 

The orange light does not appear on the Echo Dot device very often. When the user tries to connect the Echo Dot device to a WiFi network the orange ring light blinks. If you see that the Alexa orange light won’t come on, you can simply try to reset the device to fix the problem. If there is something wrong with the WiFi connectivity, then the ring light will turn to blue. 

Important steps to be considered to avoid Orange Ring Light issues:

  • You need to check and make sure that you have an active WiFi connection. 
  • Place your device within the range of Wifi connectivity, this could help you to deal with orange ring light issues. 
  • Also, make sure that your device signals are not being blocked by devices like baby monitors as this may not let you complete the setup process. 

My Echo dot orange light won’t come on. What to do?

Well! If your Echo Dot orange light won’t come on, you can simply try to reset the device to its factory default to deal with this problem. Resetting the device is not a tough task, you just need to follow the simple guidelines. Below, we are going to share the step by step instructions to do so:

  • Check and make sure that your Amazon Echo Dot device is properly plugged into the power outlet. 
  • Turn your Echo Dot device upside down and check for the ‘Reset’ button. You will be able to see the small hole. Using the safety pin or paperclip, press the reset pin and hold this button until you see the Echo light ring turn to orange and then blue. 
  • Your Echo Dot device will now reboot. Also, you would be able to see the orange ring light flashing and enter the setup mode. 
  • After this, you can connect your Echo Dot device to the wireless network by entering the username and password. Complete the Echo Dot setup process.

We hope that these simple guidelines will help you to fix the ‘Echo Dot won’t turn orange’ problem on your device. So, follow the steps carefully and fix the orange light issue on your Echo Dot without any hiccups. The mentioned guidelines are pretty simple and easy to execute but if you are still unable to troubleshoot the problem on your own, we recommend you contact the experts and seek professional advice to get the task done.  The professionals can suggest you the best troubleshooting solution and also make sure that you have the best smart experience with your Echo Dot device.