How to change the wifi on Alexa?

Amazon Echo device shares an incredible smart life experience with the customers.  Alexa responds to the voice instructions of the user and executes their commands. Using the Amazon Alexa Echo device,  you can control the smart home appliances, set alarms, listen to your favourite music,  book a cab, order food,  and do many other home tasks smartly just with the voice instruction. In order to use the smart services offered by Alexa, you need to connect Alexa to the WiFi network. Alexa requires the Wi-Fi connectivity to work,  without a Wi-Fi connection,  your Alexa device is nothing but just a Bluetooth speaker.  If you are struggling to know How to change the wifi on Alexa, this post can help you.  Read this guide and follow the mentioned step by step instructions to learn How to change the wifi on Alexa enabled device.  Let’s proceed further and learn the simple steps to do the task. So, let’s proceed next and learn how you can do it. 

How to change the wifi on Alexa?

 Echo Dot Change WiFi: Guidelines To Follow

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone device.  In case you have not downloaded the application yet,  download it now and connect it with your Amazon account. 
  • After this, tap on the ‘Devices’ option. let’s say:  if you have an Amazon Echo Dot device, you have to Tap on the Echo Dot and then click on the  ‘Alexa’ icon. 
  • Tap on the ‘Wireless Network’ and then click on the ‘Change’ option to proceed with Echo Dot Change WIFi process
  • Now, the screen will show you if your Amazon Echo device has been plugged in and displaying the ‘Orange’ light. 
  •  In case, your device is showing you the Orange light, press and hold the ‘Action’ button present on your Echo Dot device unless you see that ‘Orange’ light starts to blink. The Action button will be having a Dot on it. 
  •  Once your device has entered the pairing mode,  the application will display you the list of available Wi-Fi networks.  You just need to type on your WiFi network to which you would like to connect. After that, type the WIFi password and hit the button to connect to Wireless network. 

 After connecting Echo Dot to Alexa,  you can execute multiple tasks as per your desire just with the voice commands. However, sometimes issues like Echo Dot Change WIFi Settings often create hindrance in the user-experience.   If you wanted to change the Wi-Fi settings on your Echo Dot device,  just make sure that you have the correct username and password of the WiFi to which you would like to connect your device. Also,  check the router and make sure that everything is working fine, this helps to avoid the technical glitches that may hamper your user experience. 

So, these are the simple steps for Alexa change wifi settings on your Echo Dot device.  These instructions are very easy to understand and simple to follow.  These steps will let you change the wireless settings on your Echo Dot device without any hassle.  But if you still have any doubt or confusion,  you are free to contact the Alexa experts anytime you want and take the professional advice to get rid of the problem.  The professionals are available 24/7 to help you and share the best possible solution to your problem. So,  if you are unable to change the Wi-Fi settings for your echo dot device following the guidelines above,  contact the Alexa experts and get the task done correctly in just a few minutes.