How to Connect Amazon Alexa to a WiFi using Alexa app

Amazon Alexa is simply known as Alexa. It is a virtual assistant that has been developed by Amazon. The invention of Alexa makes the lives of the people easy up to a great extent. It can do many things for the user such as Play your favorite music, set alarms, and reminders, provide you with the latest weather news updates, manage your daily shopping list, control all your smart home devices and a lot more. The exceptional features of Alexa hold the attention of many people throughout. You can download the Alexa for the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Devices. If you want to know How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi, then contact the professionals for instant help. For more information related to the Alexa setup, visit the official website of Amazon.

Before Begin

  • Make sure that you have an Amazon Account.

  • You must have a smooth and stable Internet Connection.

  • Download the latest and compatible version of the Alexa on your device.

Steps to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi

Alexa’s skills capture the attention of many people worldwide. The Internet plays a vital role in the overall performance of the Alexa. If you want help for Connect Alexa to New WiFi, then follow the below-described steps:

  • Plugin the Alexa device by using the included Power Adapter.

  • As soon as you turn on the Power button, the blue ring light indication will glow, after some time, the blue ring light indication will change to the ‘Orange’ color.

  • It indicates that your Echo device is in its Setup mode.

  • Now download the Alexa app on your device.

  • If you have not logged into it yet. Then, log in to it by filling in the Amazon Account’s username and password.

  • Click on the Home option of your smartphone screen. Then click on the ‘Alexa devices’ option on this menu.

  • On your smartphone device, you will see a ‘+’ button. Press the button.

  • The screen will now ask you to ‘Choose a device you want to Set Up’.

  • Choose and then tap on the Alexa device’s name that you want to connect to the WiFi network.

  • Follow all the on-screen guidelines carefully to proceed.

  • Now click on the ‘Connect To WiFi’ option.

  • If the orange ring light indication is still rolling, then, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

  • In the next step, move your cursor to the WiFi settings of the smartphone device. It will now start searching for the ‘Amazon XXXX Network’ in the list of all available networks.

  • Click on the connect in order to connect it with the Alexa App.

  • Once your Alexa App gets connected, it will tell you that it is connected.

  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.

  • Choose the WiFi network that you want to connect with the Alexa device. Fill the right Password to make the connection successful.

  • Your Alexa device will get connected with your home WiFi network.

  • Finally, setup is complete and your Alexa device is ready to receive the voice commands.

Are you still facing issues while Connect Alexa to WiFi? Don’t worry, you can choose the technicians for instant help. Enjoy the exclusive features of the Alexa by choosing the best technicians.