Latest version of Alexa App Download

Alexa app is a smart voice assistant designed by Amazon. Just give a voice command and the latest version of Alexa app will do everything needed to fulfil your desires. By using this smart application, you can perform so many tasks from playing music to controlling the smart devices and a lot more.  The latest version of alexa app is now available for the Windows 10 computer users which they can install from their Microsoft store. Using the hands free feature of Amazon Alexa application, you can manage to do all the tasks, but only if your computer is compatible to do the same. 

All the devices operated by the Amazon Alexa smart virtual assistant can be managed using the latest version of Alexa app. The application is available at, Microsoft Store and the Amazon Store.  By using the Alexa app, you can set up your devices to manage the alarms, playlists, to-do list, shopping list and a lot more. 

Here are the simple step instructions you can follow to download alexa app for Windows 10: 

  • You can visit the Microsoft store to download alexa app for Windows 10. 
  • Search for the Alexa application and pick the right result to download the application. 
  • Once the app is downloaded on your Windows 10 device, follow the onscreen guidelines and complete its installation on your computer. 
  • Now, you can click on the application to open it. Here, you are supposed to sign in to the application using your Amazon login credentials. Having an Amazon account is important to use the Alexa app, so if you do not have the account, you need to create one now. 
  • Once you are successfully logged in , you can connect the app to your Echo device and use the services. 

 With these simple guidelines, you can Download Alexa App on your Windows 10 device. The mentioned steps are very simple to execute, just make sure that you follow all the guidelines carefully to avoid any sort of mistake in the process. 

Alexa app can help you to perform a plenty of tasks; you can turn off and on the smart lights using the voice command with Alexa app, you can get the weather forecast details, book Uber for you, order pizza and a lot more. Also, the app lets you access your favorite music any time you want. Just make sure you complete the downloading process carefully and successfully connect your application to Echo device for using these wonderful services. 

Unable to download the Alexa?

Sometimes, the users are unable to download the latest version of alexa app on their WIndows 10 device. There can be a number of issues behind this problem like your device may not be compatible to download the application, or there is internet connectivity issue etc. If you are also facing the same trouble, then we suggest you to take the professional advice to find and fix the problem. The professionals will give you the best advice and make sure that you have enjoyed the desired experience with your Alexa application.