REFUND POLICY—- The Geeks Core LLC is committed to provide world class customer service. Under total Satisfaction program, If you are not satisfied with our services, You may call for a Refund of the Services at any time by calling Customer Support with a notice of your intent to cancel/Refund of your services within 30 days from the date of Purchase. In case the issue was resolved, Refund wouldn’t be processed. Also, In case you want a refund because someone has called and told you that our company is going out of business, We will NOT be able to Issue any refund in that case.

NOTE: Please note that GEEKS CORE SOLUTIONS LLC will never call you and ask for additional payments or will not issue any proactive Refunds for any reason. In case you get such a call, please don’t entertain such calls.

Working hours – 9am to 6pm CST (7 days a week)