Setting up Alexa Echo Dot

Have you got yourself a new Amazon Echo device? Congratulations! Soon you will be on your way to use the smart services with simple voice commands in no time after setting up Alexa Echo Dot. This voice-controlled, hands-free has a lot to offer to their customers. The Echo Dot device is designed to hear the voice commands of the user with seven in-built microphone and execute those commands instantly. It does not matter that whether you are in a room, or kitchen, setting up Alexa Echo Dot, gives you a privilege to play your favorite music anytime you want. Looking through the wardrobe and wondering if you need a jacket? Ask Alexa about the weather update. Need to sleep? Ask Alexa to read an audiobook for you. 

How to Setup Echo Dot?

It is very simple to complete the Alexa Dot Setup, you just need to follow some easy guidelines and you are all set to use smart services offered by Alexa. In this guide, we are going to share some simple instructions that will help you in completing the Echo Dot setup without any hassle. Here we go: 


Download the Alexa app


For Setting up Alexa Echo Dot, you need to download the Alexa app. You can download the application on your Android or iOS device from the supported app store. Just make sure that your device is compatible to download the app.  For Alexa app download, you must have an active internet connection on your device. 

Plug In Echo Dot


Echo Dot does not need batteries to work, you can simply plug the device to the power outlet. Turn on your device, uf the light ring is blue, it means power is connected.  Wait till the light ring turns to orange, this means Alexa is preparing to welcome you. When you are done, you will hear a voice saying that your Echo Dot device is all ready for the setup. 


Connect Echo Dot to Wifi through app


Connect your Echo Dot device to the Home wifi network. Open the Alexa app and search for the available networks. If you are using more than one Echo Dot device, then make sure that you go to the Devices tab. In the Devices tab, you need to click on Echo and Alexa icon and choose your Alexa device. Under the wireless section, you must be able to see the wifi network connection state. Once you are connected, you will get the option to save the password. This option helps to easily connect the smart home device and complete a new Alexa setup on the same network. 

That’s All! Your Alexa Dot Setup is now completed and you are all ready to start talking to your Echo Dot Alexa device. If you want, you can change the wake word. All the mentioned guidelines are very simple and easy to complete the setup process. But, if you are still unable to complete the setup, you can always contact the experts and seek their advice to find and fix the problem.